Belly Blessings

Belly Blessings

The Belly Blessing or Mother’s Blessing Ceremony and also known as The Blessingway or Blessing Way Ceremony has been practised by many cultures around the world and dates back to pre Christian times. The Belly Blessing ceremony is akin to a Baby Shower. It is a very positive ritual, affirming that a woman will have a natural and beautiful birth experience.

The ceremony marks a woman’s rite of passage. All the attending women pamper the mother to be during the ceremony. She will receive a foot massage, her hair brushed and adorned with flowers and if she wishes, a Plaster Belly Cast of her child to be. It is a ceremony of empowerment near the time of birthing. Within a circle of friends in a quiet, gentle, spiritual ceremony, those attending will celebrate sisterhood; welcome a new baby to earth and honour mother, birth, life and rebirth.

belly bleesings

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